You vs Future You

There is a funny definition which goes like this:

Tomorrow – a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

After a long day at the office, you arrive home with the plan to change and then hit the gym, but between planning and actually going, something happens and you think to yourself:

“I had a long day, it would probably be better to rest today and tomorrow I’m going to be full of energy and I’ll go to the gym. It’s better to go when you are fully rested, so that you’ll have a hard-core training, right?

Who went through the same inner discussion at least once? Be honest…

So, my question is ‘Why..?’ Why do we postpone things that we want to do, things that we know are good for us…? My best guess is that because we are all fools for trusting “Future Me” so much.

Everyday there are small fights between Me and Future Me, and I made it my mission to find the secret weapon to beat that Fucking Future Me. Here you go my not so wise but interesting tips:

  1. Keep score

If you are a visual person this will have a great impact over the time. Keep it for yourself if you want to, but be honest.

Day 1, you want to postpone going to the gym but you gather your strength and go. Good job!

  1. Tell people about your plans

No one knows, no one cares…Right? So why not create a circle of friends with whom to share your workout plans? It’s easier to lie yourself that your Future You will pick up the slack, but remember; Only You trust your Future You! The rest knows it’s full of BS.

  1. Find sources of motivation and inspiration

Maybe you were in the subway going home from work, browsing the web and thinking that it is late, so maybe you should stay in and recharge your batteries. No worries, Future You is going to kick ass TOMORROW in the gym…

Too bad you found this article and now your Future You doesn’t seem so cool, does he? …





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