Ultimate guide for your “I will get healthy” New Year’s resolution

Now that the New Year resolutions period is over, take a moment and sit down.

It is the time to plan and really start working towards your goals.

Whatever your goals are, you must start progressing towards them. Small steps, big steps, it really doesn’t matter as long as you get closer to the final objective.

Is your goal to get healthier, not only physically but also mentally?

We can help you reach the perfect balance in your life by showing you how to exercise in the gym and have a proper nutrition while motivating you to progress towards your goals.

Have a simple search on google “habits of successful people” and you will be assaulted with articles ALL saying that successful people workout.

As cliche as it sounds, we consider working out a key element in living a good life.

It’s all about building new habits

Above all the obvious benefits of working out constantly, there is the benefit of creating a new habit.

There are numerous books written about the power of habits, emphasizing its importance.

Changing your life is only going to happen by creating healthy habits like exercising regularly, eating well, reading, learning, socializing and so on.

You know you created a new habit when you do something instinctively, it’s something you never forget to do whatever happens.

Let’s say you get a prescription from your medic to take a pill every day for 7 days. You actually need to focus to not forget taking the pill in those 7 days. That’s not a habit, it’s more like short term duty.

Now let’s say the doctor prescribed you to take some vitamin pill for 6 months. After taking it for long enough(21 days to create a habit, according to the studies), you will instinctively take it. That means you created a habit.

While it is very important to create new healthy habits, you must cut down the bad habits too.

Tip: Take an entire week to note what are your habits. Then mark the bad ones and cut them progressively out of your life. Come on, I am sure you can distinguish between good and bad habits (smoking, procastination, drinking, laziness, hating, negativity, etc.)

Many people give up by the end of January

I made a quick search on google trends to check the words “gym” and “fitness”  and the results are not surprising.

Every year, people decide that they want to start exercising, that is why you see those spikes, but by February, many of them already lost interest and gave up on this goal.

It’s quite sad actually. Yes, the first step to everything is the thought, but it has never been enough. You MUST take action and be consistent.

We started this blog in August 2018 and up till now we have built up some articles that are perfect for anyone that wants to change their lifestyle and finally find the balance.

There are few steps that will help have a healthy mind in a healthy body:

1. Learn the basics of body transformations

It is very important to know the basics. Although I advice you to constantly learn about new things as well as extend the knowledge of the things that you already now, it is not rocket science to lose fat or gain muscle.

Reading our article “How to start a body transformation” you will learn:

  • The importance of creating healthy goals
  • How to set up your goals so you make sure you demolish them
  • About basic nutrition and how to set up your nutrition specific for your body and goals
  • What are the healthy food choices
  • How to manage the first contact with the gym in order to overcome the fear, shyness or intimidation.

If you are new to the fitness industry you are going to be amazed by the models on Instagram.

I must warn you from the start and I am going to write in capital letters, maybe you will understand better:


Bikini models and 6 pack dudes should not be your entire motivation. They set very high expectations based on nothing. They do not look like in the pictures they post on Instagram when they wake up, trust me. The pictures you see on social media are highly manipulated in a way that emphasizes unrealistic things.

It is very easy to trick newcomers and uneducated people that fast results are possible if you take some magic pill or use whatever waist.

Maybe you’ve had amazing results but then you open Instagram and see someone looking incredibly good and then you start doubting yourself.

Merijn, here is actually demonstrating my point in his Instagram post.

Here is another Instagram picture, this time with a girl proving the same point.

The idea is that everyone does it. Even you would do it if you had the chance. It is so tempting to post a picture with you looking good.

We are showing what are the realistic expectations for your body transformations in the article “Set realistic expectations”.

In case you don’t know which workout routine is the best for you, we have compiled few routines in our workouts section.

You can make your choices by following these rules:

0 to 12 months experience – Full body split workout.

6 months to Professional experience – Push/Pull/Legs split.

We also compiled a routine for girls.

2. Learn how to have a proper nutrition










Create a healthy eating habit. Yes, it’s about creating another habit.

Why do we consider eating a lifestyle? Because it defines not only how we look but who we are in life.

Through nutrition you can control many aspects of your life like health, mood, energy, body aspect, relationships.

Your body keeps a daily journal of the food you eat

While diets have their own meaning in nutrition, they, by definition, do not have a lifetime duration.

Yes, you can start with a diet that gives you a head start, it will help you. But if your diet will not turn into an eating habit you will most likely finish in the same place you started.

From our experience we can recommend you to create your eating habits around the IIFYM principle. We wrote an easy to read guide that helps you create the eating habit that suits you the most. You will be your own “designer” of your meals.

IIFYM has one of the best characteristic in the world, in my opinion. It is very easy to stay consistent with!

We believe that IIFYM suits most healthy people that practice fitness as a hobby.

If you are a busy person you need to have your nutrition as flexible as possible. You can’t be eating chicken salads or rice with chicken all day, every day. Who doesn’t enjoy sweets, junk food or drinks from time to time?

What happens if you go out with your friends and they don’t have in the menu what you are supposed to eat? Everyone is going to eat their burgers and you will sit in your corner crying over your salad.

Come on, be serious now, will you resist the temptation? You might manage to do it once, but not always. If you resist every time please email us. You must teach us how you do it.

Let me tell you what you will be able to do without stressing about food:

  • Spend very little time in the kitchen
  • Have a social life
  • Have a normal job
  • Go out with your friends
  • Eat at restaurants
  • Travel
  • Drink alcohol on some occasions
  • Eat junk food
  • Have a busy life with multiple responsibilities (ex: parenting)

Everyone is using the “I don’t have time” excuse. Don’t be that person.

Busy is the new stupid

Another trick you can implement in your eating habit is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting has many health benefits, it’s easy to implement and stay consistent with.

Just in case you want to have a short term diet that can also turn into a lifestyle if you do it for long enough you can check out our article about the ketogenic diet. This is a diet that involves removing almost completely the carbohydrates from your nutrition. It also has a lot of health benefits!

3. Read












Another habit of successful people.

Reading is a very good way to learn new things.

It can help you develop your career and also your general knowledge.

Make it a goal to read 1 book a month. In 12 months you would have read 12 books and god knows how many lessons you learn.

You can even find your true passion through reading.

We really encourage reading over watching a video or listening to a podcast. Maybe you hate books and you are more of a tech guy. There are tons of articles on the internet regarding all kind of topics.

It is very relaxing to read especially when you read in a quite place.

We have some really interesting motivational articles. We wrote about the importance of small steps or about the importance of taking action now!

Even reading this article will help you create the habit!


We are strong believers that getting healthier can be achieved through exercising, eating and reading.

The exercising doesn’t have to be weightlifting. It can be running, swimming, crossfit, yoga and so on.

Eating doesn’t have to be the boring chicken salad every day. You can enjoy junk food and alcohol from time to time, as long as they are a small part of your healthy nutrition.

Reading doesn’t mean only fairy tales. A good idea is to read anything that makes you a better person; personal development books, studies, biographies, action books you articles about topics you like. Maybe you will even find a new passion while reading something.

These 3 habits are key elements to having a happy, healthy and  balanced life.


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