Tricks to suppress the hunger and appetite

On the contrary to the featured image, sweets are most of the time the worst idea for a snack. A chocolate bar won’t change much, trust me.

There are 2-3 hours left till your main meal and you feel like having a snack.

If by snacking you mean 1 apple, yogurt, banana or anything with low calorie that’s all fine.

But sometimes you just cannot stop snacking because you are craving for more food or you are too hungry and cannot wait till the main meal. Here is when you have 100% chances to fail your nutrition.

By the time you finished your snack, you ate a few hundreds of calories over your target and when you are supposed to eat the main meal you will just skip the salad or eat half the portion because you are way to full.

Being forced to eat a certain amount of calories per day (way below your comfort level) will most probably lead to a lot of hunger and cravings.

Let me show you the tricks that I personally use to suppress the appetite and hunger as much as possible.

Keep in mind that cravings are most likely just in your head.  The “listen to your body” thing is just not real. When was the last time you craved for tomatoes and broccoli? You have cravings for the tasty food like chocolate, pizzas and burgers.

Above all these tricks you must learn to control your hunger and craving feelings and avoid at all costs the emotional eating! What do you mean you eat because you are stressed or sad?

1. Water

Aim for half a liter per hour. Keep a bottle around you and sip from time to time. Sparkling water helps even more.

Also, drinking plenty of water before your meals will suppress the appetite.

2. Add more protein, fats and fibers into your diet

These 3 ingredients will make you fill full for longer time.

3. Drink coffee

Coffee is a diuretic and it is also suppressing the hunger. Coffee is heavily used by people using the Intermittent fasting protocol.

4. Prepare your meals

This trick is probably the best and it has the best results.

Prepare the food, put it in some tupperwares and make yourself only eat what’s in those tupperwares, nothing else.

You will be able to focus on your work not having to think about what will you eat next.

Just go take the tupperware, put it in the oven for 2 mins and you are ready to eat.

It’s the food that you prepared, you know exactly the ingredients.

5. Have set hours for the main meals and snacks.

This is not suitable for everyone but it’s worth to try.

Having set hours when you know you will eat will give you the strength to get over the hunger knowing you have just 1 hour left till your big meal.

This is especially good for people who do not have a lot of calories to work with and they are most probably very hungry before every meal.

For example let’s assume 3 hours passed since your last meal and you start getting hungry.

You check the clock and notice your next meal is in 1:30h. Now it’s the hardest part when you have to get back to your work, focus on your job and forget about food for a while. Drink water! Food is waiting for you at the end of the run!

It feels psychologically better to have a plan. You have the control, you know when you are going to eat (and hopefully what if you prep your meals) so you can avoid random snacks which will kill your daily calories in no time.

It’s a psychological trick that works very well.

6. Eat slowly and focus on your food

Yes, focus on the meal you are eating. Don’t watch TV, listen to music or whatever other activity that may distract your brain. Being distracted will make your brain slower on recognizing when you are full.

There is a time gap between being full and feeling full. This gap can become smaller by eating slowly. Therefore you should eat slowly so the brain can get faster signals from the stomach that he’s full.

These are the tricks I use to manage my hunger and appetite. I encourage you to try some of these tricks!

Also, please consider that you need to have a strong motivation to avoid the junk food that is all over the place.

Focus on your objective and use food as fuel not as a vice.

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